ICO OF BergmannOS

During ICO 1 764 708 BERG tokens will be offered to the purchasers. The crowdsale will continue until the end of the time frame or the project receives 3 000 000 USD.


The time frame of ICO - 91 days


3 000 000 USD requested

The price of BERG will differentiate throughout the token sale period according to the stage of the ICO:


1 month of ICO: 1 BERG = 2 USD


2 month of ICO: 1 BERG = 2,5 USD


3 month of ICO: 1 BERG = 3 USD

All unsold tokens will be burned after the close of BergmannOS ICO. Tokens will be released to buyers right away upon the purchase.


For the purpose of the funding further development of BergmannOS, 1 764 708 BERG tokens will be issued. The emission of the tokens will be based on the Ethereum platform.

BERG tokens will be distributed as follows:

Crowdsale participants. (85%)

Project Team. (3%)

Bergmann Project. (10%)

Bounty program.(2%)

No additional tokens will be created during or after the Sale. If the amount of tokens is changed before the start of the initial coin offering, all purchasers will be informed through the official sources of the project not less than in four days before the ICO. All BERG tokens of the team will be tied up for six months after the close of the crowdsale and will be released at the rate not more than 1% a day.

The holders of BERG tokens can download and try BergmannOS BETA during the ICO.

BERG tokens will be listed on the exchanges in 2018.

The holders of BERG tokens will be able to use them for the payment for BergmannOS services. The service fee will be automatically charged off the account balance of the user.


Purchasers are able to pay for BERG with ETH (Ethereum). An address on the Ethereum network is required to buy BERG tokens.

The contract address will be available only on the BergmannOS website. The address won’t be placed on any other sources.


Manual how to buy BERG tokens.

Manual (English)
Manual (Russian)


If you want to access private beta test of BergmannOS, you have to register your Email & Ethereum wallet, that you're going to use for buying tokens. You will receive Email message with beta requisites after your payment confirmed.

If you already have bought BERG tokens or forgot to register in private beta test, then contact us via support@bergmannos.com and we will try to help you.

You request has been applied! Now you can buy BERG tokens and after transaction confirm you will receive E-Mail with registration link for private beta access.


To buy BERG tokens, send ETH directly from your wallet address to our ICO contract address:

The current exchange rate is ETH per token

How to buy with ETH:

1. In your ETH wallet, select the “Send” option.

2. Enter the following:

a. To/Receiving address: the BergmannOS contract address. Once again, the address is posted on the BergmannOS ICO site only. Do not use addresses obtained from any other sources!

b. Amount to send: the ETH amount you wish to transfer.

c. Gas limit: we recommend setting the limit to 200,000 gas.

d. Gas price: we recommend setting the price to 20-50 Gwei (note that this option may not be available in some wallets).

3. Send the transaction.


1. Upon receipt of your payment, BERG tokens will be sent to your ETH address. You will be able to see your BERG balance just below your address in the “YOUR ICO WALLET” section.

2. To verify your token balance independently, access your ETH address using MyEtherWallet.com and do the following:

a. Click “Add Custom Token”

b. In the “Address” field, enter

c. In the “Token Symbol” field, enter BERG

d. In the “Decimals” field, enter 0

e. Click “Save”


Calculate how much ETH you have to spend to buy some BERG tokens.


You check your BERG tokens balance.

Proof: etherscan.io

We are ready to answer all your questions:



Where can I use BERG?
During BergmannOS ICO you can try the beta-version of BergmannOS. Tokens will be used as a form of payment for services of BergmannOS. The month fee for connected units will be automatically deducted from your account.
How can I buy BERG tokens?
To buy BERG tokens you will need an address on the Ethereum network. If you don’t have it, we can recommend you to install the web-based wallet MyEtherWallet.com. You can buy BERG only with ETH.
Can I pay with another cryptocurrency?
Unfortunately, no. You are able to buy BERG tokens only with ETH.
Where will the ICO contract address be placed? Can I find it on the other resources of BergmannOS project?
The contract address will be available only on the BergmannOS website. The address won’t be placed on any other project’s sources. Remember, we are not responsible for your material losses if you use the contract addresses placed on the other platforms.
Is there a minimum/maximum purchase?
The minimum purchase is the limitation of the Ethereum platform - wei (1/1018 ETH). The maximum purchase depends on the amount of available tokens at the moment.
How can I check the status of my transaction?
All information will be displayed in your web-based wallet MyEtherWallet at MYETHERWALLET.COM. If your balance hasn’t changed you can check the status of your transaction by entering your transaction ID on the service of ETH blockchain (such as etherscan.io and etherchain.org).
Why did my transaction fail?
It is difficult to answer without transaction ID. You can write to us and we’ll try to solve the problem.
What exchanges will BERG be listed on? And when?
BERG tokens will be listed in 2018 after the ICO. The details about the exchanges are still being negotiated. All information about the cryptocurrency exchanges will be placed on our website and official sources.
Will there be any follow-on CO with additional BERG tokens emission?
At this point there are no plans for follow-on CO. If the follow-on CO takes place, we will inform all our purchasers not later than in four months before the start of coin offering.

Our team

Bergmann project CEO

Anton Pchelintsev

Senior Linux developer

Alexey Petukhov

Senior web developer

Dmitriy Savonin

Neural network developer

Oksana Danilova

Marketing manager

Maria Starikova

Lead of math development

Kirill Nikulin

Software architect

Andrey Chertikhin

Community manager

Anastasia Murasheva

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